Saturday, August 18, 2007

Leave no sandal behind

My friends Trevin and Kristi are visiting for the week. They are moving to NYC and looking for their own space to start September 1st. Tonight we went to Jo Allen's for dinner and then over to Smith's bar (a great little divey place with a very funny waitstaff and good music.) We then went over the Kevin St. James, where I consumed a bit more wine than was necessary.
After a few hours we made our way to the 1 train, and the train was about to leave without us. A funny phenomena in New York is that we all run for the train, despite that there is one right behind it. No matter - we run for it as if it's the last train that will ever leave the station. And dear Kristi holds the train door for us, only to lose her beautiful Coach sandal on the platform. Doors close, we speed off into the distance. Everyone on the train sighed....and then she pulled her spare shoes from her (very stylish red) bag, and everyone cheered. Naturally we had to get off at the next stop and go back for the sandal. How can we leave a gold Coach sandal behind???

So we exit as 59th Street, run to the other side of the platform, head back downtown one stop, and there it is - the sandal - bright, shiny, and exactly in the position we left it just 20 minutes before. Kristi was convinced it would be gone, and I was convinced it would still be there. Here's to believing in the goodness of New Yorkers who ride the subway late on a Friday night!

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