Monday, August 13, 2007

Design is everywhere

Instead of going into the office today, my wonderful boss, his equally-wonderful wife, and I went to the New York International Gift show at the Javitz Center. We don't exactly work in the gift industry but we do work in retail and there were a variety of products that could suit our business. I can hardly believe I get paid to do this kind of thing.

We were bowled over by the clever designs and the sheer amount of "stuff". The colors, the innovation, the reuse of old, found items was almost not-to-be-believed. A woman who owns hundred of thousands of Victorian-era buttons and makes jewelry from them. The handmade artisans who make one unique creation after another - from candy to knitted scarves to license plate art. Just stunning. I am so glad I'm not a buyer - I would have gone bankrupt with all of the fascinating pieces, despite my miserly ways.

It was nothing short of inspiring. I'll be spending the week going back to the websites of some of the most interesting and germane companies for our business and taking a look at what's on offer. My boss is sort of a design-freak, and he's one of those people whose endless curiosity about everything nearly puts me to shame. I thought I was curious - I have nothing on him. He's like a kid in a candy store when it comes to design. Couple that with his absolute enthusiasm and kindness and he's every artists dream. I often think he would have made a great actor's agent for this very reason.

The messages were flowing today. I was commenting on how much retro-inspired stuff there was and my boss's wife said "well, we have to go back right? It's all we have." Very eloquently put. It is all we have. Somehow all of my weirdo experience, and all of the people I've met along the way will form into some business idea that truly represents me - a perfect (for me) design.

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