Sunday, December 6, 2009

Book Buddy Letter 2

Dwight, the 3rd grader I write letters to as part of the Learning Leaders Book Buddy program, just sent me his first letter. We are reading Charlotte's Web together and we write letters back and forth at designated points in our reading. As promised, here is Dwight's letter to me, and my letter back to him.

"Dear Christa,
I like writing letters to you, too. This is one of my favorite books, too. I enjoy reading, too. I find inspiration in my reading, too. I grew up in Queens. My favorite part of Charlotte's Web is when Wilbur and Charlotte meet.

Your Book Buddy,

"Dear Dwight,

I enjoyed reading your letter. We have so much in common! We both like to write letters, we both find inspiration in our reading, and we both like meeting new friends.

Another activity I really enjoy is helping my friends and family members, just like Charlotte
helped Wilbur. It is a very special thing to know that we have skills and resources to help someone we care about when they have a problem that they need to solve. I am very close to my family and friends, and they are a very important part of my life.

We are at an interesting point in Charlotte’s Web. Her solution to use her webs to talk about Wilbur was really creative! I like that she chose interesting words and phrases that were very different from how people usually described Wilbur. What did you think of Charlotte’s plan?

Now that they are off to the fair, I wonder if Charlotte will continue putting words into her webs or if she will think of something different to do. Wilbur is really counting on her to help him win the competition at the fair. What do you think her plan for the fair will be?

I’m looking forward to getting your next letter!

Your Book Buddy,


These letters remind me of how important it is for children to have adult role models in their lives, people they can talk to about their thoughts and opinions. Articulating our own stories is an underrated skill, and one that I hope I can help Dwight with through these letters.


Trish said...

I watched Charlotte’s Web on TV awhile back for the first time in many years. It was so clear to me with this latest viewing that it was written by an animal communicator. I don't know if E. B. White would have described himself as that but the fact is plain to see.

These days animal communicators are everywhere but not so much back when this was written. It is only fairly recently that the mass consciousness has been achieved to allow intuitive communication a voice in the world. Before this it has been cloaked in children's stories, myths and legends.

Now real intuitive, heart to heart communication with animals is out in the open in the world, perhaps we have a chance to enrich communication with our fellow human beings as well. My big wish for humanity is exactly that.

Being a book buddy is such a great step in seeing this reality! I love that you are doing what you are doing. I love that Charlotte’s Web is the book :)

Christa said...

Hi Trish! I love Charlotte's Web as well. My life has certainly been happier having animals in my life. I wonder if E.B. White was an animal communicator. I am going to look into that.