Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Making It Happen: The Great Opportunity Before Us

In the past few months I've become a big fan of the DailyOm. I don't know how those people on the other side of that message know exactly what to say at the exact moment I need to hear their sage words of the day. All I know is that every time I open their emails, I feel like they're living inside my mind. My pal and writing partner, Laura, introduced me to this email and I've been basking in its glow ever since.

Today's message: "There are times in our lives when all the signs seem to be pointing us in a particular direction. Our thoughts and dreams are echoed in the songs and stories we hear and the media we see. And when we are open and listening, the next step is to take action and go for it. Wherever your dreams are pointing you today, take a step. Take action and manifest your inner urges and soul whisperings."

Now is the moment of our own reinvention. Tonight I went to a Darden alumni event about innovation and entrepreneurship. I had the chance to speak with one of our Deans who was hosting the event. I asked him how the students are feeling, how the faculty is feeling. Are they scared, nervous, concerned, anxious? In his signature calming style, he said that there is a lot of concern flying around Charlottesville, though this is really the time to reinvent, to become a better version of ourselves. Yes, we could hang our heads low and bemoan all of the change that we are facing. We could pine for the good ol' days. Instead, the Dean was advocating for a new and crazy good way forward. I couldn't agree more.

Yesterday evening, after a day spent in bed not feeling so great, I got up and stretched and went to my yoga mat. I meditated, moved through a series of asanas (the fancy name for yoga poses), and let myself accept a new way forward in my life, free from fear and anxiety about change. In the words of my brilliant yoga teacher, Johanna, I assumed a strength pose with the intention "bring it on". I am ready for massive upheaval and change within my own heart and mind, a crazy good way forward.

I rolled up my yoga mat, logged onto Mac, and signed up for a yoga teacher training class at my yoga studio which will begin in February. I've wanted to have this full certification for a long time, and the time has arrived. This is my next step toward a life of multiple income streams pursuing things I love. This is my next bend in the road of reinventing me.

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Nikita said...

Their message (2nd paragraph) is very insightful !

Christa said...

I agree Nikita! I am amazed every day by how much truth can be found in each of their posts.