Monday, November 16, 2009

Internet in Costa Rica

The internet in Costa Rica is horrendous and everything else is incredible. I will likely be unable to post to this blog for the remainder of this week, but never fear. I´ll be writing every day and will upload all of the posts when I return to the U.S. this weekend.

I will say that the people in Costa Rica are among the friendliest and most genuine I´ve ever met. My Spanish is flooding back into my mind, and I immediately felt at home here. In just one day, I have so much to share. This is a place of tremendous healing and happiness. This will be a turning point in my life that I will look back on with great fondness.

Hasta Domingo....

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Sandy Avampato said...

Hi Christa - soooo good to hear from you - despite internet problems. Enjoy your week - and look forward to more blog entries. Is it that it's hard to get on-line? this message came through fine. Looking forward to Thanksgiving with you, and take lots of pictures. Love, Mom xxxooo