Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NY Business Strategies Examiner - Interview with Jason Bauer, CEO and President of CRUMBS Bake Shop

I have a hard time thinking of any food I love more than cupcakes. When I’m happy, when I’m sad, morning, noon, and night. In New York City, the competition for the best cupcake bakery is fierce. For me, there is one clear winner: CRUMBS. I’m not sure why anyone goes anywhere else for these delicious treats. I highly recommend the Devil Dog and the Blueberry Crumb.

Jason and Mia Bauer started CRUMBS. I recently had the opportunity to interview Jason. He serves as the company’s CEO and President.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Christa,
OMG...I LOVE Crumbs! My favorite is the Bababooey! Soooo good! Going to read the article now!
Hope you are super happy in your new digs!
xo Stephanie

Christa said...

Thanks Stephanie! I'll have to check out the Bababooey.

Loving my new digs - so happy to be setting up my new home!