Monday, August 24, 2009

The Journal of Cultural Conversation: Titanic: The Exhibition

Happy Monday, all. My latest post is up at TJCC. On Saturday I visited Titanic: The Exhibition, now on view at the Discovery Times Center on 44th Street. The exhibit tells the story of the Titanic through items salvaged from the wreckage, eye-witness accounts, and scientific exploration. I found it to be equal parts fascinating and terrifying. Around every corner I was surprised by some new fact I never knew.

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Global Samba said...

Love this article! Cant wait to go check it out myself when I am in NY. Interesting facts I never knew! When I was reading it i was picturing the movie in my head...funny how hollywood does that to you :)

Christa said...

Hi Global Samba! I agree. I had the movie in my head the entire time that I was in the exhbit. Laura pointed out to me that while the bizz of the movie was all Kate and Leo, there is actually a lot of historical info baked into the screenplay. When are you coming to NYC? Would love to meet up!