Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Seized Engine

The movers from Flatrate Moving have arrived! Only about an hour late - though very nice guys. I'll take late but nice; far better than on-time and cranky. They were late because they put the wrong fuel in the truck, or someone at the company did. They had to go get a Budget rental truck to complete my move. I can't imagine how nerve-wracking it is to be a mover.

I thought I was anxious about the move because I would watch all my stuff being carted away - off to storage for two weeks - hoping I'll see it again in some decent form. Turns out I was anxious for an entirely different reason which I only realized while talking to my sister, Weez. I was worried I'd disappoint my movers. Did I pack the boxes incorrectly? Did I not use enough tape? Did I pack too much in them. Are they going to be cursing my name and playing catch with my belongings?

As Weez pointed out, this is ridiculous, especially considering that I triple taped every box, put my initials and box numbers on at least 3 sides of each box, and set them out in numerical order. (I feel my OCD coming out.) They had their engine seize and were late - they felt badly about it; I was worried about the packing of my boxes and I felt badly about it. We worry so much about disappointing one another; as it turns out, the cure to disappointment is forgiveness and understanding - something we can all do.

One of my movers looked around at my things and said, "this is it?" "Yep, minus the lamps - I'm giving those away to goodwill this afternoon." "Don't worry," he said. "We plan for everything - it will all be fine." Were my nerves showing?

And then my landlady, Ann-Marie stopped by, to inquire about the keys, my forwarding address, etc. She gave me a hug, kissed me on the check, and wished me well. Since I'll still be in the neighborhood, I'll be seeing them around. She and her husband, Joe, have been very good to me, and I appreciate everything they did to help me in my transition back to NYC two years ago.

30 minutes after their arrival, the move's almost done. The wondrous sound of packing tape are the background music for this post and it's music to my ears; maybe my triple taping wasn't enough. No problem though, the movers have me covered. The knots in my stomach are finally beginning to disappear.

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runner52 said...

Nothing like moving to make a person all works out