Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Let's Get Wednesday

I boarded the subway an hour earlier than usual this morning for some early more meetings. I needed something to cheer about. Over the subway loud speaker, I heard "Let's get Wednesday." In New York, we'll occasionally get a humorous subway conductor. They are few and far between and when I get one, I always appreciate their ability to fun up the a job that I am sure is not that much fun during rush hour on a Wednesday.

After entering my building, I hopped onto the elevator. We have these tiny TVs in our elevators that run a circuit of news and advertisements. As you can imagine, the news is not that uplifting these days, and certainly not something I need to be reminded of as I head to my desk. Today there was an ad on the screen with the simple statement "Go humans go." It's part of a new ad campaign by Quaker. I am beginning to notice a pattern here.

On Wednesday afternoons I teach a high school Junior Achievement class about Business Ethics for an hour. As I was crossing the street back to my office, the traffic cop asked us to wait for the light to change. "Let's to live another day, folks. Your families need you at home tonight. They'll be waiting for you and you don't want to disappoint them by getting run over."

Combined, these three signs today were signs of life for me. We are living in dark times, though even when it's darkest, we have to do our best to find that little speck of light and do what we can to turn it into a bonfire. I stood a little taller today, walked a little quicker, and worked a little harder. It might sound silly to say that the subway conductor this morning set the tone for my day by making one simple, 3 word statement. And it's truthful. Sometimes a little cheering is all it takes to keep our chin up. Coming up above ground and saying to myself, "Yes, let's get Wednesday," really did help me do just that.

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