Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Embracing the Future is Our Only Choice

In Robert Safian's letter to the editor in Fast Company this month, he closed with a very poignant, short paragraph that was hopeful and also a mark of tough love delivered in an empathic way. We have been spending the past 18 months with a "whoa is me" attitude. The economy is awful. We're afraid. We're in a death spiral downward. What are we going to do???

It's okay to hide under the bed for some amount of time after the dark days arrive. No matter how scared or uncertain or confused we are, we have to eventually come back into the light. We have to start living again, even if the kind of life we live going forward is dramatically different than the way we lived before. 

Robert's assessment is very clear and strong:
"These are dark days, no question. And unpredictable events, from natural disasters to fiscal meltdown to 9/11, can often make things look darker. But the unexpected can also be our friend, our ally, as long as we maintain hope and embrace our uncertain future. After all, we have no choice."

He's right. We don't have the option to stay hidden away, hoping and praying for better days. We are going to have work hard, very hard, for them. And better days doesn't mean the days we used to have. All we can do is embrace what we've got to look forward to, whatever that is.   


Anonymous said...

Hi, Christa!
Jennifer C. here again, coming to you from rainy Nashville. I have to laugh, because you're always a day or two ahead of me when it comes to reading "Fast Company" - your sneak peeks are the impetus to get me to move it to the top of my reading pile!

Also, there's an article on CNN right now about GMail Labs and some of their latest innovations, including "Mail Goggles" (to prevent drunken e-missives) and "Undo Send," where you can rescind a Reply-All or an email missing the attachment. That innovation factory continues to amaze me in how they evolve something as relatively simple as email - talk about identifying user needs that are current, valuable, and nowhere on the radar of some of the stodgier corporations.

Hope all is well,

Christa said...

Hi Jennifer!! Great to hear from you. I love that you read Fast Company, too. How awesome! Don't you just love all of the things that Google Labs thinks up. I love that company!