Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - Leadership

I have been thinking about leadership a lot this in the past week. I've been wondering what so many business leaders are saying behind closed door to their teams, knowing that the market is beating them up, morale is down, and anxiety is rampant. This is the pinnacle moment that every leader trains for - if ever there was time to manage through crisis and show grace under pressure, this is it.

I will go so far as to say that organizations who have senior leaders that can manage the current situation with grace and keep their teams motivated, involved, and supporting one another, will survive to fight another day. Those with leaders that lack bravery in these frightening times may not be so lucky.

Everyone knows it's bad out there. Even if someone doesn't want to discuss it, they know this market is as tough as they come. Once thing I can't stand is to have someone telling the public something they already know as if it's some great revelation. I don't need politicians, CEOs, or finance gurus telling me how bad it is. I get it - I read the paper and I watch the news.

What would be immensely valuable to me, and what a select few like Jeff Bezos, are providing is a plan on how they will steer their organizations in this environment. I don't want to hear anyone of power saying that they don't know what to do in this market and that they are in uncharted waters. If that's the case, then please step aside and let someone with vision take the reigns. I have no desire to sympathize with confused leaders. They've been pontificating on leadership for years - at conferences, in books, during interviews. Now in the moment of truth - this could be their finest moment. Leaders, are you up to the challenge?

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