Monday, February 9, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - The Explorer

Last month, there was a clip of me on 20/20. During the summer, I was invited to a party hosted by where I was getting matched up with a number of people that were supposedly perfect for me. I did meet some interesting folks, despite my initial skepticism. I was highlighted on 20/20 as the classic "Explorer" personality. I usually dislike being "typed", however this definition suits me almost too well. 

I think about my career (or more accurately - careers (plural)), my friends, my interests, my education, my travels, my hobbies. The common thread is this unending desire to explore anything new and different. I am a restless spirit. That trait has caused me plenty of trouble, and it's also brought me an equal amount of joy. It's left me sometimes lonely though more often very fulfilled. Wandering can cause me to feel lost and aimless, though the search is always filled with surprise and keeps me pushing forward. 

If I consider my ideal anything - career, relationship, trip, etc. - it always involves discovery. Each new adventure uncovers another tiny piece of me that I didn't know existed. Many times I tried to settle down and play a consistent part, and until very recently I didn't understand why I was ultimately more comfortable with the unknown rather than the stable. Now I know its hard-wired in me. I am proud to represent all Explorers - let the search continue, always.  

Many thanks to my friends, Alex and Shawn, for creating the link to my 20/20 clip on YouTube, and to Col for taking the still of my name tag with her iPhone!

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