Monday, November 12, 2007

On Innovation:

My mother and brother are huge Trekie fans. I mean, HUGE. And their favorite character, of course, was Spock. That strangely lovable Vulcan who lacked even a single shred of emotion. My mother's favorite Spock quality - the mind meld. It's a useful skill really - being able to dump a lifetime of accumulated knowledge into some other mind in a matter of minutes so that way even when the being passes away, the knowledge lives on. Think of all the progress we could have made if we could have preserved all of the knowledge ever amassed in the world! How many mistakes we could avoid! How much pain we would never have to go through!
While no one has yet developed a mind meld device, there is one man who has developed the next best thing: a way to easily map your brain onto your computer for future referral. All that is required is an itty bitty piece of software and your time to input all your information. Behold: It's creator: Jerry Michalski,

TheBrain allows you to map and bucket any thought you have about, well anything. It's intuitive, easy to compile, and so logical you won't believe it. The simplicity of the design has such power that you have to try it to believe how magical, and addicting, this tool will become. Forget any project management software, list-making, favorites bar you've ever created. Truly, throw them in the trash. TheBrain will keep you organized, on-task, and will get you to see connections between the seemingly disparate parts of your life that you never realized before. Best of all, it's a permanent record of how you work, what you think about, and what matters to you. Part journal, part accomplishments list, part powerful resource, part to do, etc. You see where I'm going with this...

I'd stay and tell you more, but I have the building out of my brain to think of. Have a look for yourself at


Jerry said...

Hi, Christa!

Jerry here. Thanks so much for finding and mentioning my Brain, but you give me faaar too much credit. TheBrain's inventor is Harlan Hugh. I happen to be an advisor to the firm and their biggest fan, because over the past ten years (this December!), I've built the largest single handmade Brain file. That's what you saw.


Christa said...

Hi Jerry! I work for Bob Giampietro and he got me connected to The Brain. I absolutely love it! And thanks for the correction on my post.

Jerry said...

How groovy that you get to work with Bob! Please pass him a bloggy "hello" for me.