Friday, June 5, 2009

NY Business Strategies Positive Black Swans and Insurmountable Opportunity

I arrived home from work today to find a copy of Business Week in my mailbox with the cover story "Innovation, Interrupted" by Michael Mandel. Mr. Mandel can be a bit of a negative Nelly when it comes to the economy. One could argue that he's not negative just unapologetically honest. Lately, he hasn't spent too much time talking about the future. He's mostly focused on the past as well as the here-and-now.

"Innovation, Interrupted" is no exception save for the last paragraph, which gave me pause and then made me smile. Mandel says, "positive Black Swans - unexpected events with huge positive consequences that in retrospect look inevitable...the U.S. could use a few positive Black Swans." For a minute, I let my mind wonder to what those Black Swans might be. And then it became very clear -- we, entrepreneurs, are those Black Swans.We are the ones Mr. Mandel is waiting for.

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