Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zakkerz: women of New York, save your pants

A professor at my business school teaches a new product development class and her first set of advice to her students is, "if you want to create a new product, think about what gives you pain in your life. And then find a way to solve it." Chances are if it's causing you pain, it's causing others pain, too. The ladies who invented Zakkerz did just that.

It's a simple product: a pair of strong magnets wrapped at opposite ends of a piece of fabric used to hold pant cuffs in place. "Who needs that?" you may be wondering. Every working woman in New York City, and every other city in this country where commuting to work by public transportation is necessary. I recently gave up a job in New Jersey and the associated commute by car, to work downtown and commute by subway. Great for my quality of life, bad for the hems of my pants. I put on my sneakers or my Privos to get to work - problem is my pants are hemmed for heels. Enter Zakkerz. I cuff my pants, snap on a set of Zakkerz per pant leg, and off I go. 

I just had dinner with some girlfriends having this same exact problem I was having, and recommended the product to them. So simple, and yet so ingenious. It's products like this that make me wonder, "now why didn't I think of that?" I'm glad someone did.  

Get a pair for yourself, available in a variety of colors, at

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