Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Year in the Making

I walked around all day yesterday trying to figure out what was so special about  June 11th. And finally, in Columbus Circle, it hit me - I moved back to NYC exactly one year ago. I drove up to NYC with my car full of worldly possessions - very little in fact since I had sold nearly everything I owned before leaving school. I had a relatively clean slate, save for my friends and family. It felt freeing to completely release the life I had known in Virginia just 24 hours earlier, to return to a place that felt like home and yet had so many new experiences to offer. 

One year later I am gainfully employed, spending time with my friends, many of whom have known me for a number of years during different phases of my life, writing every day, and living in my favorite neighborhood in New York. My family is an hour and a half away - an easy train ride. I have a new niece. There's a rhythm to my days, and to my life. I kind of feel like June 11th is my adopted birthday - it's the day I became more of who I am. On June 11th, I felt like I became an artist, a writer, again.

My first year back in NYC isn't what I expected. It's filled with many people whom I didn't know when I arrived, and those who I saw only a few times a year for many years. Now I take my mom to brunch in the city, I go to dinner with Lisa and Dan and Steve and Brooke and Rob. Friends like Amy and Trevin and Anne and Alex and Kelly come to visit. I go to see Ken during a free weekend. And many friends have moved back after being away for so long, just like me. Somehow, by magic I think, a life came together for me that I never even knew was here. And all the while, I think it was waiting for me to get back home.

In this next year back in NY, I'm working to get my writing out to the world a bit more and I'm trying to find my professional niche. I'm working on meeting Mr. Wonderful, and I'm getting back into shape with my yoga, running, and weight training. (I've fallen off the wagon in both regards lately.) I'm taking a comedy writing class to improve my writing as much as to increase the amount of laughter in my life. And I'm recommitting to make sure that I honor my time as my most valuable asset. 

It feels good to be home.   

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