Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cubby Bernstein is waiting for Tony

I can't believe it - I am actually going to have to watch the Tony Awards this year. My friend, Trevin, who has every Tony show since the dawn of time on video in pristine condition, will be thrilled that I am finally joining him in watching the broadcast. Now the show is guaranteed at least two television viewers.

Despite the fact that I love theatre and used to make my living in company management for Broadway shows and national tours, I have never liked the Tony Awards. I blame that on the fact that there is rarely a surprise award and that the critics seem to run everything. It has none of the elegance found at the Oscars and none of the fun found at shows like the CMAs. And despite the fact that the industry is built around live entertainment, the staging is awful for a televised audience, through no fault of the Broadway companies that put so much effort into the performances. 

However, I am so enjoying the Cubby Bernstein webisodes at http://www.cubbybernstein.com that I am routing for Xanadu to deliver on its promise of "Yes it can". And therefore, I need to watch to see what happens, and because I want to see what the Xanadu producers have in store for Tony night. 

There's something decidedly unique and inspiring about a little show that the public and critics laughed at when first announced, and has now been open a year, coming from behind and taking the top prize. Instead of the usual Broadway materials, actors, and producers who win over and over again, more for their reputations built on achievement from shows gone by rather than their current work, it's refreshing to see a whole new crew take on an industry that is in desperate need of reinvention.  

Just announced, Patti LuPone and Cynthia Nixon will give Cubby a hand on the latest YouTube webisodes to promote the show. See the full announcement at: http://www.playbill.com/news/article/118490.html. (Thanks to my friend Dan for sending this link to me.) Nathan Lane also recently made an appearance. My only regret is I didn't get to purchase a Cub-cake to support the company, and I missed my chance to meet Cubby at the promo event. Even if the show doesn't win the Tony, the producers have breathed life into the stale Broadway marketing business. And in that cause, Xanadu moved from “Yes it can” to “Yes it has”. Congratulations Cubby, you did it!


Bluelyric7 said...


Only five days ‘til the Tony Awards! That gives you approximately 120 hours to place bets, bake award-shaped sheet cakes and get that seven layer dip recipe from your Aunt Margaret (I’m only assuming you have an Aunt Margaret)!


Just wanted to give a heads up to Tony junkies that we’ll actually be live-blogging from the event on Sunday (we’re excited!).

Also, we’ve posted a ton of videos so you can meet the nominees and see clips of the shows nominated before flipping on the television Sunday night. This afternoon, Best Play will be posted as our final installment. Just head on over to http://mybroadway.com/ and tap the “channels” button!

See you on Sunday!


Christa said...

Hello! Thank you for reading my blog and posting all of the great information that will be available on mybroadway.com. Looking forward to your live blog posts. "See" you at the Tonys!