Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Year of Hopefulness - When Good Ideas Surface

Yesterday I had coffee at Grounded with my friend, Dave. We're both aspiring entrepreneurs who are figuring out when is the right time to make the leap, and considering what ventures would be best to start first. We talked about building a life that's filled with a lot of different, small ideas and whether or not that's better than getting all of our income from one single source. We considered how many of our extremely talented and motivated friends are looking for work due to the layoffs caused by the current recession. And then we hit upon an idea that could make use of many incredible people are out there looking for a job. Silence.

"Yeah. Maybe we should think about that. Maybe we could do something like that," we said.

As we finished up our coffee and walked to the subway, we decided to write down some thoughts and send them back and forth to see if we could get our idea to work. What surprised me is that the idea seemed so good and so timely that we were both sort of stunned into silence. Is this the way with all good business ideas? Does it seem so obvious, so practical that we have to sit with it for a while and make sure it's real? Could we be dreaming that we just got this idea in a coffee shop in Greenwich Village? Maybe it's all too cliche. But then again, we'll never know unless we try.


Linda said...

But isn't that the kind of scene that started Microsoft? And Google? It's the kind of story that many successful businesses have as a beginning. Personally, I think it should be a sign to go with it... Behind you all the way, gal pal!

Christa said...

Thanks, Linda! Excited to see where these conversations and adventures lead!